sábado, 30 de mayo de 2015


 The medical advances are quite amazing these days. I read yesterday about an American man who has been given a new face. He has new teeth, a new tongue and a new jaw, all donated by one anonymous donor. Richard Norris’s face was left terribly disfigured when he had an accident with a shotgun. The operation took place at The University of Maryland's Medical Centre and took 36 hours to complete. The surgeons say is the most extensive facial transplant ever performed and has transformed Mr Norris´s life. Before the operation he was a recluse, rarely going out and if he did so he wore a mask. The transplant was very successful, and in within a few days Mr Norris was able to shave and brush his teeth. When Mr Norris saw himself for the first time in his shaving mirror with his new face he exclaimed, “What a good face!” and grinned happily. The success of this operation has given hope to many soldiers whose faces have been deformed by exploding bombs while working in Afghanistan and Iraq. Let´s hope that many of these people can enjoy putting on a “good face”.


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