domingo, 1 de noviembre de 2015

Isa and me

I am going to write about my friend Isa. She lives in Sevilla and she´s 14 years old.

She´s blonde and she wears glasses and she´s tall. She wears earing,bracelets and a necklace.

She likes music and sports.She likes pop music. We both like 5 Seconds of Summer.She likes reading and her favourite book is "El club de los Incomprendidos".

We have been friends since last year but we have similar interests

jueves, 29 de octubre de 2015

This is me

I want to talk about my image.Image it is very important now-a-days especially for young people and therefore it is important to me.I wish I was taller because I´m quite small.I sometimes wear wake-up but not very often,only when I go out.I sometimes wear smart clothes in special occasions.

There are three things that I like,and I want to talk about them.The first one is cinema.I love going to the cinema with my friends also I like listening to music,it relaxes me and the third thing I like is taking photos.

Finally,I want to talk about three things that I hate.I hate insincere people,people who don´t listen to other people and I hate waking up early.

Is more important what people are like and behave than the physical appearance.

sábado, 30 de mayo de 2015

Maggie´s walk

Maggie Woodward is 61 years old. She started walking only just two years ago when she went with her daughter on the “Camino de Santiago Frances”, which starts in the Pyrenees .She has now decided to walk to Santiago de Compostela but by a different route. She is doing a 1300 km walk along the “Camino de Santiago Mozarabe”. It is an ancient pilgrim route which goes from Malaga to Cordoba, and then to Merida where it meets the “Camino de Plata” and then goes north to Salamanca and Santiago de Compostela. Maggie is walking an average of 27km a day and has allowed herself just over 6 weeks to do the walk. She is doing this to raise money for the charity “Cudeca” which supports cancer patients., although she also really enjoys walking in the countryside. She is also keeping up a blog where you can read about her progress. Here is the link: . If you want to know more about the Ancient Pilgrim walkways you can see a map on:

 The medical advances are quite amazing these days. I read yesterday about an American man who has been given a new face. He has new teeth, a new tongue and a new jaw, all donated by one anonymous donor. Richard Norris’s face was left terribly disfigured when he had an accident with a shotgun. The operation took place at The University of Maryland's Medical Centre and took 36 hours to complete. The surgeons say is the most extensive facial transplant ever performed and has transformed Mr Norris´s life. Before the operation he was a recluse, rarely going out and if he did so he wore a mask. The transplant was very successful, and in within a few days Mr Norris was able to shave and brush his teeth. When Mr Norris saw himself for the first time in his shaving mirror with his new face he exclaimed, “What a good face!” and grinned happily. The success of this operation has given hope to many soldiers whose faces have been deformed by exploding bombs while working in Afghanistan and Iraq. Let´s hope that many of these people can enjoy putting on a “good face”.

jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015


I watched the BBC news today. It was quite shocking. It claimed that half the population in the United Kingdom would have cancer at some time in their lives. Think about that! That means that one in every two people will have cancer.
I have never really thought about it before and I suppose that everybody always thinks that it´s not going to be them. However, with these new statistics it might well be me or you .I wonder what the statistics are for Spain.
One of the reasons why the cancer rate has risen is because people are living longer, so they have more time to get cancer. But the future is not so black, the director for cancer at NHS England, said: "Cancer survival rates in England are at an all-time high, but this new forecast shows it is more important than ever to take a fresh look at how we can do even better."
I hope I don´t get it!